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The Stewardship Business Plan Store, LLC grew out of a previous company, By The Book Accounting and Bookkeeping Services, LLC.

Approximately 15 years ago, Dwight wrote a business plan to grow his company, By The Book Accounting and Bookkeeping Services, LLC.  The business plan was so helpful that his company hit every goal set. Since the company served many small businesses, he started sharing with his clients how helpful the business plan was in growing his company. At the time, he did not provide the service of writing business plans although he knew his clients could benefit from writing one.

To assist clients and others who wanted to write their own business plans, Dwight wrote a textbook and created 17 hours of companion videos.

Entrepreneurs began enrolling in the course and writing their plans. Dwight taught business plan writing for the City of York and led education efforts for a nonprofit dedicated to helping small business owners, SCORE.

SSBA_Comprehensive Course_Module 1_Learn_Publishable Text Book_Edition 2_Final June 7 2018

Frequently, Dwight would get a call or email from an entrepreneur asking if they could hire him to write their Business Plan. The Business Plan writing part of the business grew and eventually he formed another company, The Stewardship Business Plan Store, LLC.

Now, his team is dedicated to writing business plans to launch and grow companies. Every day the team is fortunate enough to work with entrepreneurs and see their business visions become reality.

The Stewardship Business Plan Store, LLC


Dwight Smith

This first time Dwight went to college he earned a degree in Horticulture and Landscape Design from Temple University. While in college, Dwight began a Landscape Design and Installation firm. Remaining in the business for 15 years, he eventually sold the company and went into financial services.

Dwight became very curious about how numbers can tell the story of personal finance, investments, and business activity. Dwight became a licensed Investment Advisor and Financial Planner. Eventually the interest in the business side of numbers grew leading to a return to college. Dwight studied Accountancy and Finance at Elizabethtown College. By The Book Accounting and Bookkeeping was formed in 2009 providing a full range of bookkeeping and accounting services.

Over the next several years Dwight’s interest in Business Plan writing grew so strong that The Stewardship Business Plan Store was Launched. Now Dwight’s time is spent helping entrepreneurs Plan, Launch, and Grow companies by writing Business Plans and Providing Fractional CFO services.


Robert Hines

Dwight met Robert while Robert was enrolled in a Business Planning course taught by Dwight. Robert had a keen interest in entrepreneurship and stood out as dedicated and intelligent. After getting to know Robert, Dwight asked Robert if he would be interested in Joining the team at Stewardship. Stewardship was just beginning and there was considerable effort needed to grow the company.

Robert now conducts the research required for writing business plans and leads the data input. Also, Robert takes the lead with image placement, formatting, proof reading, form creation, and just about everything else.

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