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Business Plan Writing

Writing a Business Plan is a complex and time-consuming process. Expertise in accounting, financial forecasting, marketing, operations, and many other areas is required to pull the many pieces together into an easy to read, yet thorough report.

Not to worry though, we have written hundreds of business plans for seemingly every type of business. Whether you are starting, growing, or purchasing a business, we will write the custom business plan you need.

Often, your primary audience is a lender or an investor. When this is the case, the plan is being provided to convince the lender or investor that their money is safe with you and that what is in your Business Plan can happen in real life! If the plan is for a landlord or developer, the plan must show how you can launch and grow the business in a sustainable way. Keep in mind, if the business plan does not instill confidence, and answer everything the decision maker needs, their answer will be NO. That makes having an expert write your plan in a thorough, yet easily understandable way critical.

The Business Plan we write for you will include these sections:

  • Products and Services Offered for Sale

  • Revenue and Expense Forecast

  • Explanation of Expense Items

  • Funding Requirements

  • Appendix Items

  • A Table of Contents

  • Contact Information

  • Plan Purpose and Audience

  • Executive Summary

  • Company Description

And ANYTHING else needed to properly explain your business vision and deliver what is needed.

Pitch Deck

Your Pitch Deck is often the initial impression provided to a private lender, an investor or perhaps a group of friends and family. In this context, you definitely do not get a second chance to make a great impression.

The pitch deck must quickly and professionally convey the vision of the business and the path to profitability. How will you turn the money lent to, or invested in the company, into more money for the lender or investors?

The Business Plan serves as the basis for the pitch deck and often, the illustrations and summary statements come directly from it.


Fractional CFO

A good CFO works hand in hand with the Founder or CEO. Although, more often than not, a founder or CEO does not really know exactly what a CFO does.

The Founder or CEO is at the forefront of vision casting for the company and coordinating the efforts of the team members to implement the vision for company growth. The CFO is the person taking the accounting data and utilizing the data to ensure what was forecasted is happening and if not, why.

For those of us that understand accounting, we know that the financial statements produced by the accountant tell the story of the business decisions made and activity which occurs month in and month out. The CFO analyzes the data and determines if the specific business activity is achieving the financial goals of the company or not.

Having timely and accurate information allows the CEO to maximize the great opportunities as they come forward and minimize the expenses to overcome the financial challenges faced by every company.

A great CFO is, unfortunately, not affordable to many small companies. The position requires extensive knowledge and expertise which both cost a lot of money. This is where a Fractional CFO is the perfect solution. As a fractional CFO for your company, we dive into the depth of the numbers, monthly, and provide insights for you, as the founder or CEO, to keep the company on the path to profitability. All for less than having a salaried position which will cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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