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Business Plans

SBA Business Plans

When you apply for a loan guaranteed by the SBA, a business plan is often a requirement. The SBA is very specific about what they require in the Business Plan you provide to them.

Sections must include:

  • Executive summary

  • Company description

  • Market analysis

  • Organization and management

  • Service or product line

  • Marketing and sales

  • Funding request

  • Financial projections

  • Appendix

When we write the custom business plan you need, it will include everything the SBA requires in a business plan.

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Investor Business Plans

An investor must clearly see a well-laid path to profitability. How you will use their pile of money to make you, and them, a larger pile of money. Questions must be answered such as:

  • How much money is needed and what will it be used for?

  • What rate of return can an investment in your company offer the investor?

  • Will the return be paid from dividends, stock value appreciation, an anticipated cash out event, or some other process?

The custom business plan we write for you will include all this information, and probably more. Once your business plan is complete, we can also create a pitch deck for you to present to a prospective investor.

Business Purchase Business Plans

When purchasing a business, your business plan must include historical financial for the previous two to four years, in detail. Also presented will be financial forecasts for two to four years into the future. This extensive information will capture your vision of the business and why you are interested in buying the company.

Startup Business Plans

Starting a business is a very exciting time. Your comprehensive Business Plan must capture the vision you have for the business. Included must be how you will establish and grow a customer base and reach profitability. If you are seeking a business loan the underwriter must know how much money you need, what it will be spent on, and how they will get paid back. If you are seeking an investor, you must clearly detail how much money you need, how it will be spent, and how you will grow the investor’s money into more money for you and for them. The custom Business Plan we write for you will have all the information the lender or investor needs to make an informed decision.

Business Plans to Grow Your Company

Growing a company requires a detailed plan to get you from where you are now to where you want to be. Fortunately, you already have a functioning company and past financial data as our starting point. Together, we will undertake detailed analysis of how you got to where you are and how to use that knowledge to form a very specific path for you to follow.


Franchise Business Plans

A franchise Business Plan can be from the perspective of the Franchisee, or the franchisor.

If you are the franchisor, the Business Plan will detail the successful Business Model you have created and how others can plug into that model, becoming franchisors. Creating a franchise business can lead to rapid growth and wealth for you and your franchisees.

A Business Plan for a franchisee captures how the specific location will implement the model detailing revenue and expense forecasts at the specific location or territory. The franchisor will supply a Franchise Disclosure Document (known as an FDD) noting revenue and expense ranges. We will review the ranges with you and develop your set of forecasts.

It can get very complicated very quickly, not to worry though, we have worked with many franchisors and franchisees and know how to develop your Business Plan quickly and easily.


Tech Company
Business Plans

Tech companies can be among the most complicated of all Business Plans.

If you have invented a new product or service, the technology must be explained from both a technical and layman’s perspective. Also critical is explaining your “Go to Market Strategy’, how you will reach ‘Market Acceptance’, and then scale to ‘Market Domination’.

If you are creating a platform, we must explain what service the platform provides. Is your platform a new service to the digital market or an improvement on an existing digital service? Will you have a one sided or two-sided platform? What is the monthly new user rate? What is the one-month attrition rate, and the 12-month attrition rate? Will you use the freemium model, membership model, or have transactional sales?

As you can already see, a tech company requires a deep dive into the details. Rest assured though, we have helped tech companies launch and grow, we welcome the opportunity to work with you also.

Service Company Business Plans

Service companies span a very wide range of industries. A few are: Consulting, Health Care, Delivery, Transportation, Education, Fitness, Salons, Spas, Legal, Financial, Technical Assistance, and a seemingly endless list.

Regardless of the services you provide, your business plan will begin with your menu of services and the prices you charge. We will also determine the cost to deliver those services and all the expenses related to company operations. Having this information will provide the profitability of your business model. We will turn your vision into a comprehensive Business Plan for you to present to a lender, pitch to an investor, and use as a guide to success.

Retail Sales Business Plans

We live in a consumer society, of this there is no doubt. Retail sales continue at incredible rates year after year.

Products can be sold at your retail store, via drop shipping, online, or any combination of these methods. Specialization is the key. What is the vision you have?

We will take your vision, detail the model with monthly revenue and expense forecasts, revealing the viability and path for growth.


Wholesaler / Distributor Business Plans

Wholesalers and Distributors typically focus on a product category. The product offering is likely to be extensive. There may be hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of products offered for sale.

Writing your Business Plan will begin with us compiling a list of the products you will offer for sale and their cost of goods sold. We will then detail your operational costs to reveal the profit in dollars and as a percentage of revenue.

Your Business Plan will include everything a lender or investor requires in your plan to make a funding decision and serve as the blueprint for your success.


Manufacturer Business Plans

Congratulations! You have a product you have invented or improved upon. Now it’s time to build a company around that product or product line.

A thorough analysis of Direct Materials, Direct Labor, and Factory Overhead is foundational to your Business Plan. Cost of selling along with General and Administrative costs are to be detailed and included too. Warehousing and shipping costs can also play a significant role in the business model. Will you use, or provide, contract manufacturing?

We will guide you through the complexities of creating and writing your Business Plan; quickly and easily.

Corporate Board Reports

The CEO or Board of Directors requires having annual, quarterly, or monthly reports detailing if the company is on track to meet its revenue, expense, and net income goals. We provide these reports after performing a thorough analysis of the company financial reports and comparing the financial performance to the company goals. Written explanations are provided for each revenue item or category. Additional explanations are provided for each expense item or category along with net income. Often included are sections detailing how to capitalize on newly found opportunities and minimize resources required to take advantage of those opportunities.

The completed board report will make it plain to see if the company goals are being met and how to achieve or exceed the corporate goals.

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